• Childers Guns CG1 US receiver(Made from Polish Steel) with US selector markings
  • JMac Customs RRD4-C Slim 14mmx1 LH(Permanently attached to achieve 16.1″ barrel length)
  • JMac Customs GBC-13, combination gas block and sight block, with detent
  • JMac Customs Concentric(Ideal for suppressor use) 14.5″ 7.62x39mm 4150CMV, nitride coated, barrel with 14mmx1 LH threads at muzzle end
  • JMac Customs 24mm thread kit with, thread protector(for the NFA crowd)
  • JMac Customs 102/104/105 Cleaning rod
  • ALG Defense AK-T fire control group
  • New U.S. Manufactured fire control group springs
  • New U.S. Manufactured Black Polymer Stock Set
  • Side mount optic rail, style/type may vary
  • Other foreign parts sourced from Romanian MD63 Military Surplus kits(all surplus parts used are ensured in spec prior to building)
  • Metal finish is a Manganese Phosphate base coat with Teflon top coat for a beautiful and durable finish.
  • weight with mag 7.7lbs with out 6.95lbs
  • length 34 11/16ths

The AK47 Hybrid Rifle SBR Ready Rifle 24mm 7.62x39mm is a well balanced and beautiful Kalashnikov rifle. Boosting a list of high end parts, this rifle really brings a new look and feel to anyone’s collection. The AK47 Hybrid SBR Ready Rifle starts with a Childers Guns CG1 receiver that is paired with a Romanian MD63 Military Surplus parts kit. That is then fitted with a JMac Customs 14.5″ barrel, JMac Customs GBC-13 gas block front sight block combo, a JMac Customs 24mm thread kit, and a JMac Customs 102/104/105 Cleaning rod. Once that it together Atlantic Arms MFG. installs a side mount optic rail, an ALG Defense AK-T fire control group and, laser bore sights to rifle to insure a straight shooting rifle before getting finished. The finish on this rifle is a Manganese Phosphate base finish with a Teflon top coat. Giving you a durable, rich black finish that will last. Finally Atlantic Arms MFG. Installs the New U.S. manufactured Black Polymer stock set. Completing the build and then doing a final test firing for reliability to insure point of aim and point of impact are close. Sorry there are no special request on date codes, or any other markings etc. Backed up by a 1 year warranty.


Money Back Guarantee on PRO Series

We are confident that you will be pleased with the Atlantic Arms MFG PRO Series product and we will back these products with a 14-day Money back guarantee. The customer will have 14 calendar days from the date of delivery to your dealer to inspect the product and test fire the weapon.  If the product is not as we have described, we will gladly offer you a full refund of the price of the item and pay return shipping. We do this because we know the items will perform well due to the extensive quality control process and test firing program at AA MFG. If you have  a problem or any concerns, please email our office with all your contact info and we will get back to you ASAP.

There are limitations to this money back guarantee and these are listed below:

• All reported issues will be validated upon the return.  If we cannot duplicate the reported issue you will be responsible for a 20% restocking fee.
• All returned items must include all original accessories, information and packaging.
• All returned items must be in an As-New-Condition. Test firing is acceptable but, abusing the item and sending it back is not acceptable.
• The item cannot be modified or damaged(finish included) and then returned. Unless the damage occurred during transit or other extenuating circumstances..
• Atlantic Firearms LLC is not responsible for the effects/results of using bad ammunition or improperly hand loaded ammunition.


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