• Cold Hammer Forged Chrome-Lined Barrel, 16.25” long, 1:10 twist rate

• Plum Poly stock set

• Nickel Plated Bolt and Carrier

• JMac Romanian Aimr Style Flash Hider

• White Highlighted rear sight & trunnion serial numbers
• Beautiful Metal finish. Manganese phosphate with Black Teflon paint top coat

• Fire and Saftey Highlighted

• JMAC RRD2C Muzzle Brake

• Forged Barrel Trunnion

• Scope mounting rail

• Romanian Military Spec heat treated stamped receiver

• Weight approx 7 lbs

• Semi Auto 7.62 x 39

• Thread Pitch: 14:1 left hand

• RPK type rear sight graduated to 1000 meters in 100-meter increments.
• Overall Approx length with stock sets installed approx: 37”
• Combination gas block and front sight

• Elevation and windage adjustable front and rear sights

The Romanian AK47 Rifle M10 is built in the famous Cugir Arms Factory, one of the oldest Arsenals in Romania. These are built with all NEW high-quality components including Hammer Forged Chrome lined barrels and Forged barrel trunnions. The rifles do have the original Romanian fire control parts installed! This M10 AK47 Rifle also sports the PLUM Polymer stock set very popular with Kalashnikov enthusiast. Atlantic Arms hand picks the base M10 rifle chassis for further Pro Series enhancements. The rifles are stripped down to bare metal and a stainless steel fire control group retaining plate added but still keeping the original Romanian group. The rifles are then sent out to have the metal coated with a base of Manganese phosphate with Black Teflon paint top coat. This coating  provides a durable & rich look and is a customer favorite on Atlantic Arms MFG firearms. The serial numbers and numbers on the rear sight are white highlighted for a bit of pop. The bolt and bolt carrier are nickel plated and this adding ease of cleaning and looks cool. The gun is finished off with the effective Jmac Customs Romanian style Aimr flash hider. If you are looking for solid rifle with other attractive cosmetic upgrades this M10 Pro series may be the gun for you.

Comes with 1 -30 round XTech Tactical OEM mag.


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