Romanian AK47 Model 1963 Under Folder Barreled Receiver DIY Kit for sale Features

  • Original Romanian Military Surplus
  • Model 1963
  • 4150 V Nitride treated threaded barrel
  • Under Folder
  • Barreled receiver do it yourself kit
  • Customize your build

This do it Yourself kit has all of the hard work done. You just need to add the finishing touches! This kit starts off with Original Military Surplus Romanian Model 1963 kits coupled with a 4150 V Nitride Treated threaded barrel. Atlantic Arms properly installs the barrel and Morrissey receiver and each kit is head spaced for checked for proper alignment. Since this is not a completed firearm it will ship to your FFL dealer designated as a Receiver even though the barrel is attached. You will need to install fire control, safety selector, and  furniture set. These are Military Surplus kits, they will show character and usage but are fully functional and solid. You can leave the metal surface with the original patina or refinish for a new look. This is great way to save money and customize your rifle with the furniture and metal finish of your choice. 99% of the parts used are Original Romanian import the only US part is the receiver & barrel so please be aware of this and make your rifle 922R compliant during the final build process. Please note metal finish may vary from kit to kit. We do not offer any special request for markings, years, metal patina, matching numbers, etc. Comes with under folder stock and folder mech shown in picture.

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Please Note: Receivers Must ship to a FFL for transfer.


Additional parts needed to complete this build:

-Stock set w/ pistol grip

-Fire control group(Hammer, Disconnector, Trigger)

-Hammer spring

-Disconnector spring

-Selector Lever(promo available)

-Pistol grip nut and screw

-Shepherds hook or FCG retaining plate

-(2) Axis Pins

-Cleaning rod


Romanian Arsenal markings may vary and we do not offer any special request for markings, years, matching numbers, etc

It is your responsibility to be familiar with your current local gun laws BEFORE placing your order. Please feel free to email us with questions you may have.


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