Romanian RPK Rifle-M13 Industries

  • Hand Selected Romanian Military Surplus RPK Parts kit
  • New US Green Mountain RPK Chrome Lined barrel
  • Childers Guns RPK Receiver, Fully Heat treated
  • Romanian Style Safety Selector Detents
  • ALG AKT Fire Control group
  • Stainless Steel Fire Control group retaining plate
  • Optic rail on left side of receiver
  • 14 x 1 Left hand threaded barrel with slant muzzle brake
  • Two Step metal finish, Base is Parkerized and Black DuraCote for the finish
  • Comes with 1-30 round magazine and Hard case

Romanian RPK Rifle, 7.62x39mm Semi Automatic Rifle by M13 Industries. These rifles are built using hand select kits and an impressive list of  quality components, like the Childers receiver with proper Romanian safety selector markings. The RPK rifle also features an ALG Fire control group, Stainless Steel retainer, Optic rail, Chrome lined RPK barrel and final two step metal finish. The original MD 64 RPK’S were built by Fabrica de Arme Cugir as the Puşcă Mitralieră Model 1964 and intended to be a light squad machine gun. The MD 64 RPK operating system is the big brother to the AK-47. They both use the same 7.62 x 39mm ammunition. The design is the same as the Kalashnikov series but the RPK has been beefed up to increase effective range and accuracy. The addition of a heavier and longer barrel helps maintain accuracy when increased barrel temperature from extended periods of rapid fire would normally be an issue. The RPK utilizes a laminated wood fore grip, and a fixed  laminated wood “club-foot” butt stock, which is designed to allow the user to fire from the prone position, with increased accuracy and comfort. The rifle uses a standard AK 47 pistol grips, normal AK 47 magazines, and drums. Atlantic Arms was fortunate enough to be able to procure a shipment of these kits from the Romanian Military Arsenal. They were used by the Romanian armed forces and then demilitarized into exportable parts kits. M13 Industries combines the Original Military kits with enough US parts to make these roar back to life in a Civilian Legal semi auto configuration. They are built with a High Quality Green Mountain Chrome lined barrel for accuracy and long service life threaded in 14×1 left.  They also have a Optic Rail on the left side should you want to install a Optic and scope mount. The kits are surplus, showing all the character that you would expect from military squad rifle, but revitalized with the new receiver and barrel, then checked over and test fired by M13 Industries. If you are looking for a great shooter and a real conversation piece this Battlefield Veteran may be ideal for you! Comes with 1-30 round mag, Hard case and 1 year warranty.

 Please Note: These are built with Military Surplus kits and will show character and flavor. Character and color of stock sets may vary. Bi pod style may vary. Sorry there are no special requests. Does not come with optic/RS mount in pictures.

CAMP HABBANIYAH, Iraq – Iraqi Soldiers aim in their RPK light machine guns during the Iraqi Small Arms Weapons Instructor Course taught by the Marines of the 2nd Marine Division Training Center


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