Zastava Arns USA ZPAP92 Tactical Pistol Package Features

  • Imported from Serbia by Zastava Arms USA
  • Model ZP92762TAC
  • UPC 685757098052
  • 7.62x39mm caliber
  • Semi automatic action
  • 30 round capacity (Style magazine may vary.)
  • 10″ cold hammer forged barrel
  • Stamped steel receiver
  • Corrosion resistant hard nickel molly steel bolt carrier
  • Krinkov style flip up hinged top cover
  • Bolt hold-open notch on the safety selector
  • Krinkov style rear, post front sights
  • Quad rail Handguard with Angled foregrip
  • Top dust cover rail for your favorite Optic
  • Night Muzzle brake
  • SB Tactical SBA3 Adjustable pistol brace
  • Synthetic grip
  • Wood hand guard
  • Weight is approx 7 lbs.

The New Zastava Arms USA AK47 pistol type ZPAP92 Tactical series was based on the battle tested M70 automatic rifle but in a much more compact size. This pistol is packed with features like, Quad rail, Optic rail, Night brake and poular SB Tactical A3 Adjustable pistol brace. Over the past few decades, Zastava Arms factory has built millions Kalashnikov patterned rifles and has been adopted as the main battle rifle for many country’s. ZASTAVA ARMS USA was formed in 2018 as the US wing of the famous Zastava Arsenal. Zastava Arms was founded in 1853 & is proud to be one of the few companies in the world that can provide 165 years of experience in making firearms. They have been able to combine Old school experience with new modern technology to provide a variety of quality rifles and pistols. With this new US location they can extend factory service and parts for the US shooting community.

The ZPAP 92 pistol M70 has all of the hard working features you are looking and perfect for camping or home defense applications. These are a great candidate for you NFA Short Barreled Rifle project / SBR. The ZPAP 92 has an impressive list of features like Hammer forged barrels, forged barrel trunnions, properly heat treat matched fire control & bolt carrier groups and more. All of this in  a beautifully finished rifle backed up by the Zastava Arsenal name.  Capable of functioning in all environments, its lightweight, rugged, reliable, no-nonsense features make the ZPAP M92 an excellent addition to your hunting and sporting pistol collection. Comes with 1 -30 round bolt hold open magazine.

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Optic and Flashlight NOT included